About Erica

Erica Guajardo is a born and raised artist in Dallas, Texas. Family influences her art-making. Creating since childhood, she has developed into an artist, activist, and program developer for the Dallas and surrounding metroplex art scenes.

In 2004, she went to work for a family-owned company called Fabrics and Frames Furniture, this experience toned and developed Erica's aesthetic eye to better understand clients' needs, when creating custom-designed furniture. ... Over a decade span, she built relationships with higher-end clients, developed knowledge about color and how it is used in space planning. Along with understanding the ergonomic aspects of what it means to create a piece of furniture from customer's specs and vision. Her knowledge of "form follows function" expanded her craving to apply it to art.

Although Erica studied at a technological school for interior design in Dallas in 2003, she always felt like she could prosper from education from a University. At the end of 2004, she enrolled in the University of Texas at Arlington, where she would later earn a Bachelor of Science degree in University Studies. This degree would educate her in the categories of Art + Architecture, Anthropology, and History. During her time at UTA, she participated in (2) wintermesters which were destined in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and New York City. Since she graduated from UTA in 2012, she would later return to pursue an additional Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts focusing on Printmaking. This degree is still pending.

In 2012, After graduating from UTA, she went to pursue an internship with the Dallas Contemporary Museum. This was the beginning of her professional development as a curator and program developer. Here she would learn about culture, social scenes, and relationships with local artists. Starting to develop private events herself, she would launch several projects that would include: Roche Bobois Grand Opening Reception and Roma Boots Grand Opening Exhibition.

Erica did struggle for a while to understand the difference between being an artist and someone who developed opportunities for artists. Eventually, after many years of working with companies, underground movements, and markets for vendors, she began to realize that she could do both, as long as they remained separate and did not become a conflict of interest.

In 2015, she decided that her career as an interior designer was no longer for her. She believed that she had made enough movements in the Dallas art scene and would courageously journey to become a full-time artist. This same year, she had given birth to her first-born son and developed a company called "Painting with Your Local Artist". She would gain new clients from corporations such as Wood Residental Properties, B&M Properties, Broadstone Properties, Cara Mia Theatre, Cultural Affairs Office for Dallas, and UNT Dallas.

As she created more exposure for the West Dallas art scene, she grabbed the attention of Little D Market's owner, Terry Han, which later she would become the PR Manager for the cultural vendor market. Also, she would assist the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce board with the development of Art Walk West and curate landmark space such as Cibo Divino.

In December of 2018, after a life-altering year, she was offered a position with the city of Mesquite, Texas to become their new assistant manager for the Mesquite Arts Center. She is currently creating all programming for them and supporting their facility resident groups such as the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra, Mesquite Community Band, Texas Area Artists, and Mesquite Arts Theatre.

Artist Statement

Art is a physical, emotional, and inspirational movement in Erica Guajardo’s growth. Focusing on nature, people, culture, and food as a force to inspire sentiment.

Her illustrations are anthropomorphic, androgynous, ambiguous, and influenced by artist temperament. Tangible collections are inspired by street art, interior design, and fashion statements in current pop culture. Her mark-making pushes boundaries.